I’ve once again strayed back into the blogging world after some time away.

I’ve written Book Review blogs in the past and loved it, so this was the initial idea I had for this blog, but to play around a bit I thought I would include some of my other favourite things such as food and fitness!

I’ve recently graduated university with a BAHons in English literature and over the next year I’ll be studying my Masters degree in contemporary literatures. My university background gives me the scope to critically analyse books, which I seem to be doing more of within recent reviews. A feminist through and through I enjoy commenting on the societal comments and criticisms within literature. 

Whilst I primarily read fiction novels I’m open to any genre really, and I love recommending my favourite books to others so that they can experience the joy that I did. 

I dabble in writing fiction too, though I always find myself too short of time to make it a full time commitment right now. But let’s explore something beautiful together, shall we? 
Write you soon,



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Great blog! I will be following. I read what you said about millennials going to work and knew there was an intellectual world behind your comment and see there is.

    I like some of the books you review and will be looking here for new books that I may not have noticed as I tend to read along certain. It is very important to be looking for literature beyond your circle, l believe.


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